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Nidri (or Nydri) Beach, situated on the eastern coast of Lefkada, is renowned for its picturesque blend of coarse sand, small colorful pebbles, and crystal-clear emerald waters. Located just minutes away from the bustling port of Nidri, this beach offers a perfect setting for families seeking a relaxing getaway.

Beach Features

  • Sand and Pebbles: Nidri Beach boasts a combination of coarse sand and small, colorful pebbles, creating a unique texture underfoot.
  • Water Conditions: The beach is sheltered from strong waves due to its proximity to the port, ensuring calm waters ideal for swimming and water activities with children.
  • Shade and Facilities: Alongside sunbeds and parasols available for rent, natural shade is provided by trees scattered along the beach. Facilities such as cafeterias and snack spots are conveniently located nearby.
  • Activities: Visitors can indulge in various water sports including wakeboarding, flyfish, parasailing, and canoe rides, adding excitement and adventure to their beach experience.
  • Boat Tours: Relaxing boat tours are also available, allowing guests to explore the coastal beauty of Lefkada from the sea.

Accessibility and Location

Nidri Beach’s proximity to Nidri Port enhances its accessibility and convenience for tourists. Its well-organized facilities and variety of activities cater to both relaxation-seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike.


Nidri Beach stands out as a family-friendly destination on Lefkada’s eastern coast, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty, tranquil waters, and diverse recreational opportunities. Whether you prefer lounging under the shade of trees or engaging in thrilling water sports, Nidri Beach provides a memorable seaside experience for visitors of all ages.