Kastrosikia Preveza, get Some Info & Choose your Property or Activity

Kastrosikia is a charming village nestled on a hillside by the sea, characterized by its quaint alleys and basic holiday amenities, including a shop, beach bar, and restaurant. This village is a gateway to some of Greece’s longest and most beautiful beaches, offering an ideal spot for a tranquil and scenic vacation.

Village Overview

  • Location: Situated on a hillside by the sea.
  • Amenities: Basic facilities including a shop, beach bar, and restaurant.
  • Beaches: Access to a 16 km long beach stretching from Kastrosikia to Mitikas.

Beaches and Surroundings

  1. Left Side Beach (Towards Mitikas)

    • Length: 16 km, one of the longest beaches in Greece.
    • Features: Plenty of space, never crowded, natural shade near Mitikas.
    • Amenities: Two well-decorated bars (Petrino and Medusa) with sunbeds, umbrellas, fine sand, and gradual water depth.
  2. Right Side Beach (Towards Kanali)

    • Description: A wide coastline with olive tree plains, few visitors, natural shade, and turquoise sea.
    • Nisos Camping: Located in an olive grove, offers a restaurant, shaded sunbeds, umbrellas, and ample space for visitors with their own equipment.
    • Asterias Camping: Also provides shade, a restaurant, and a wide beach with fine pebbles.
    • Special Feature: This beach faces west, offering spectacular sunsets.
  3. Artholitia Beach

    • Historical Significance: Named from the Greek words for bread (artos) and stone (lithos), as it was a place where inhabitants of Paxos and Antipaxos once bought bread.
    • Features: High and interesting rocks, picturesque small bays, gravel and stones both onshore and in the water, making it less ideal for children.
  4. Riza Beach

    • Location: Near the village of Lygia.
    • Features: White pebbles onshore and sandy seabed, providing an interesting contrast.
  5. Lygia Beach

    • Location: Above Riza, small village.
    • Features: Beautiful sandy beach, ideal for those seeking solitude and exploration.

Activities and Nearby Attractions

  • Swimming and Sunbathing: Enjoy the expansive, uncrowded beaches with options for natural shade and amenities.
  • Camping: Stay at Nisos or Asterias campings for a more immersive nature experience.
  • Exploration: The entire coast, from Preveza to Parga, is dotted with countless small bays and wild beaches, perfect for adventurous tourists.
  • Sunsets: West-facing beaches offer stunning sunset views.
  • Nearby Villages and Sites:
    • Preveza: Only 5-10 minutes away, offering more urban amenities and attractions.
    • Nikopolis: Archaeological site with significant historical importance.
    • Zalongo Monument: Historical site with a poignant backstory and impressive views.
    • Lefkada Island: About 40 km away, offering beautiful beaches and sightseeing.
    • Acheron River: Ideal for kayaking and enjoying nature, located about 40 km away.


Kastrosikia is an ideal destination for those seeking a blend of relaxation and exploration. Its expansive beaches, peaceful atmosphere, and proximity to historical and natural attractions make it a perfect spot for a memorable holiday. Whether you prefer lounging on a serene beach, exploring ancient ruins, or embarking on an adventurous river trip, Kastrosikia and its surroundings offer something for every type of traveler.