Myticas Preveza, get Some Info & Choose your Property or Activity

Mitikas, a charming coastal village located approximately 5km from Preveza on the route towards Parga and Igoumenitsa, derives its name from the cape that defines its coastline. In Greek, “Mitikas” translates to “nose,” reflecting its geographical feature along the sea.

Features of Mitikas:

  • Scenic Setting: Nestled by the sea, Mitikas offers a tranquil atmosphere with a handful of restaurants, shops, and accommodation options catering to tourists.
  • Gateway to Monolithi Beach: Mitikas serves as the starting point for Monolithi Beach, one of the longest in Greece stretching approximately 16km. The section closest to Mitikas is known as Monolithi, characterized by a sandy-pebbly shoreline framed by a dense forest backdrop.
  • Beach Characteristics: Monolithi Beach is renowned for its peace and quiet, with minimal infrastructure such as a few bars. Visitors often bring their own beach equipment to enjoy the expansive, free area. The gradual entry into crystal-clear waters makes it popular among families with young children seeking natural shade from the forest.
  • Ideal for Relaxation: Mitikas remains relatively tranquil even during peak tourist season in August, offering a respite from the more crowded and popular beaches in the region.
  • Nearby Attractions: Despite its peaceful setting, Mitikas is conveniently close to several noteworthy attractions. Visitors can easily access the archaeological site of Nikopolis, the Zalongo Monument, and the vibrant town of Preveza, all within a short 5-10 minute drive. Further afield, Lefkada Island (40km), the Acheron River, and the Necromanteion (both around 40km away) offer additional exploration opportunities.


Mitikas, with its serene coastal ambiance and proximity to both natural wonders and cultural sites, appeals to travelers seeking a quieter Greek coastal experience. Whether you’re unwinding on Monolithi Beach, exploring nearby historical landmarks, or venturing into the scenic landscapes of the region, Mitikas provides an ideal base for a relaxing and enriching vacation in Western Greece.