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Syvota, often referred to as the Ionian fjord, is a captivating destination in Thesprotia Prefecture, known for its breathtaking combination of blue waters and lush greenery. Its intricate coastline, verdant islets, secluded beaches with crystal-clear waters, and hidden coves make it one of Greece’s most exotic spots. This picturesque settlement is a haven for sailors exploring the Ionian archipelago and a must-visit destination for all travelers.

Natural Features:

  • Lush Islets: Near the coast, you’ll find several small islands, including Mavro Oros (Black Mountain), Agios Nikolaos, and Mourtemeno, along with other smaller islets. Renting a boat to explore these calm waters and discover your own secret coves is highly recommended. Notable beaches include Diapori and Alati.

Popular Beaches:

  1. Pisina Beach:
    • Location: Agios Nikolaos
    • Features: Fine white sand, green-blue transparent waters, surrounded by lush greenery.
  2. Bella Vraka Beach:
    • Location: Mourtemeno
    • Features: Accessible by foot via a narrow strip of golden sand from the mainland, offering a unique and picturesque beach experience.
  3. Zavia Beach:
    • Location: Near Syvota’s center
    • Features: Green surroundings, turquoise waters.
  4. Zeri Beach:
    • Location: Northern part of Syvota
    • Features: Noted for its beauty.
  5. Gallikos Molos Beach:
    • Location: Northern part of Syvota
    • Features: Sandy white beach.
  6. Mikri and Megali Ammos Beaches:
    • Location: Between Syvota and Perdika
    • Features: Ideal for sea sports, with Mikri meaning “small sand” and Megali meaning “big sand.”

Syvota offers a blend of serene and adventurous experiences, making it a perfect stop for both relaxation and exploration. Whether you’re sailing, sunbathing, or engaging in water sports, this idyllic location is sure to captivate your senses.