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Mega Ammos, also known as Megali Ammos, is the largest beach in the Syvota area, located just 1.5 km from the village. Situated in a picturesque cove near the coastal road, it offers a range of facilities and is a popular destination for both relaxation and water activities.

Beach Features:

  • Size and Terrain: Despite its name meaning “big sand,” Mega Ammos is predominantly pebbled both on the shore and the sea bottom.
  • Water Depth: The water at Mega Ammos quickly becomes deep, making it ideal for confident swimmers.


  • Water Sports: The beach offers a variety of water sports for enthusiasts.
  • Sunbeds and Parasols: Available for rent, provided by three beachside restaurants.
  • Dining Options: The beach restaurants serve a range of food and drinks, ensuring you can spend the whole day by the sea comfortably.


  • Proximity: Only 1.5 km from Syvota village, making it easily accessible by foot, car, or bicycle.
  • Road Train: During the summer, a road train service runs from Syvota to Mega Ammos and the nearby beaches of Mikri Ammos and Agia Paraskevi several times a day. This makes it convenient for visitors to explore multiple beaches in the area without the need for a car.


  • Family-Friendly: With its wide expanse and organized facilities, Mega Ammos is suitable for families as well as individual travelers.
  • Scenic Beauty: The cove setting and clear, deep waters provide a beautiful backdrop for a day at the beach.

Mega Ammos offers a combination of natural beauty, excellent facilities, and easy access, making it a must-visit destination for anyone staying in or near Syvota. Whether you’re looking to engage in water sports, enjoy a meal by the sea, or simply relax on a sunbed, this beach has something for everyone.