Welcome to Zeri Beach, get Some Info & Choose your Property or Activity

Zeri Beach is a picturesque, small bay located on the Ionian Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. It ranks 79th out of 90 beaches in the Epirus region and is situated 60.1 km from Ioannina. As one of the beaches in the Syvota settlement, it is just 1.2 km from the center of Syvota.

Beach Features:

  • Natural Setting: Zeri Beach is set in a natural environment, offering a serene escape from more crowded tourist spots.
  • Water and Sand: The beach features crystal-clear turquoise waters with a light sand and pebble mix, making it comfortable for barefoot walking.
  • Water Entry: The slope into the water is gradual and easy to navigate, suitable for all types of swimmers.


  • Free Access: The beach is open to the public without any entry fees.
  • Facilities: Equipped with loungers and umbrellas for rent, a beach restaurant, and toilet facilities.
  • Boat Rentals: Daily boat rental services are available nearby for those wishing to explore the surrounding waters.


  • Swimming and Sunbathing: The main attractions are swimming in the clear waters and sunbathing on the beach.
  • Additional Activities: Other beachside activities can be enjoyed, enhancing the overall experience.


  • Proximity to Road: The beach is easily accessible as it is located very close to the road. Parking is conveniently available directly at the beach.
  • Travel Options:
    • Car or Bike: The easiest way to reach Zeri Beach is by car or bike.
    • Taxi: Taxis can drive you directly to the beach, though this can be costly if you are staying far away.
    • Public Transport: While public transportation is an option, it is important to check the correct route with locals, as the bus stop may be a distance away from the beach, requiring a walk.

Nearby Beaches:

  • Dei Plus Beach: Among the 28 other beaches within a 5 km radius, Dei Plus Beach stands out with a high rating of 9.7, making it another attractive option for visitors.

Ideal for:

  • Different Travelers: Zeri Beach caters to a variety of visitors, including solo travelers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.
  • Crowd Management: The beach can get partially crowded during peak season, but its relative remoteness helps maintain a quieter atmosphere compared to more central locations.

Zeri Beach offers a beautiful and tranquil environment, perfect for those looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of Syvota’s coastline. Its clear waters, convenient amenities, and easy access make it a great spot for a day by the sea.